Nishijin Brocade evolved from weaving techniques which flourished as part of the elegant Court culture imported to Japan from China around the fifth or sixth century.

Those techniques developed into a weaving style which was nurtured throughout Kyoto's long history. In the fifteenth century it came to be known as Nishijin Brocade, a name representative of traditional Japanese weaving with an air of splendor.

Kinran, or gold brocade, is a technique that was brought over from China in the sixteenth century. In Nishijin Brocade, gold leaf and gold thread are incorporated to create a unique, sparkling world. BANDO's Kinran (gold brocade) adds the NIshijin style to the newest technology and a modern aesthetic sense -- bringing out the best of tradition in textile which enhance a wide variety of settings ranging from Japanese - to Western - style.